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Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2003.71 Mnfctr: University Date: circa 1982 Part No: - Ser No: -
Comp: Switch Width: 484 mm Depth: 431 mm Height: 145 mm Weight: 12.4 Kg

Front view of N.SWTCH2. NUNET was a star network in which terminals were connected to NODES which were connected to SWITCHES that connected to other SWITCHES.

This is one such switch. It fit in a 19" rack. Undoing two screws and the front panel hinges down to reveal the inside.

Inside were 16 cards plugged into a back plane. They were also connected by a jumble of ribbon cables to each other.

Two of the cards have been withdrawn. The one on the left has 32K 18 BIT MOS MEM printed on the back, a quite respectable 64KByte of memory. The processor was a Digital Equipment Corporation LSI11 which was a derivative of the PDP11 computer.

The switches and nodes were assembled by the University Computing Service, one of whom was Keith Heron, that is what the KH in the two labels on chips on the right hand board refer.

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