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9600bps modem

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2004.6 Mnfctr: ICC Date: 1974 Part No: 4402 Ser: E2 2286
Comp: Modem Width: 484 mm Depth: 507 mm Height: 176 mm Weight: 25 Kg

The modem fitted in a standard 19" rack. This is a front view with a couple of cards on display. The front one is basic electrical components but the rear one has 21 primitive chips.

A closeup of the front board. This was hand assembled.

A top view with the 23-24 boards on the left, on the top right is two big capacitors and the black power supply. Below them is 5 grey and 2 black transformers. The whole modem weighed 25 Kg.

Rear view. The finned rear casting suggests a heat dissipation measure. Click on the photograph and go fullsize to see the detail.

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