Roger at work


This is me in my office in the mid-1980s. I started at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Computing Laboratory in 1967 at the same time that Claremont Tower was opened. I retired in 2002. For 32 of the 35 years I was the Operations Supervisor of the sub-basement Computer Room, which was three floors below ground level. My office was two floors below ground.

Behind me is an IBM 3270 Terminal, which was connected to our IBM System 370 Model 168.
Michigan Terminal System.

Behind that is the front panel of the IBM System 360 Model 67, which was scrapped in 1984.

SB14 Floor Plan
This is a floor plan of the Sub-Basement Computer Room.
It was designed in the early 1960's to accommodate two mainframe computers. This particular plan was made in the 1970s to prepare for receiving the IBM S/370-168 (LH side) alongside the older S/360-67 (RH side), which the 370 was to supersede. (You can see the plan in greater detail in this section of the Museum.)

It was here that I, along with others, squirrelled away bits of computers, over 40 years, that became the start of the Museum of Computing Artefacts.

A little more about Roger, after his retirement