Toshiba Portable Personal Computer

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2013.15 Mnfctr: TOSHIBA EUROPA, GMBH Date: 1990 Ser. No: 07013511E Model: PA8045UK
Comp: Personal Computer Length: 388mm Width: 365mm Height: 96mm Weight: 8Kg


This is the computer closed up for carrying, though at 8Kg you would not want to carry it too far.

The label reads THIS IS NCL.GABLE. It's a pool PC & must not be borrowed without informing DAVE SEDGWICK ! 19/5/93.


Front view of it opened up ready for use.

There are no photographs of the internal circuitry because I could not find a way of taking it to pieces. It has an Intel 386 processor, 16MHz, 1MByte of RAM, 40MByte disk, 3.5" diskette drive, Ethernet card, and a HAYES compatible modem. Being an Intel 386 CPU it can run OS/2, UNIX or MSDOS


Rear view.

The ports on the rear are



It still works, this is the Systen Configuration SETUP page.


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