Sirius Personal Computer

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2013.10 Mnfctr: Victor Technologies Date: 1983 Ser. No: M0041207 Model: 503
Comp: Personal Computer Length: 340mm Width: 420mm Height: 180mm Weight: 10.25Kg

Front view. It has two 5.25" floppy disk drives and a sophisticated keyboard with function keys and numeric keypad. There is no mouse, this was a command line interface computer.


Rear view.


Here it is in bits. At the top is the power supply, below it the mother board, to the left and right is the top and bottom of the casing. Below the mother board two floppy disk drives, and to their left the disk drive controller card.


A close-up of the floppy disk drives.


The mother board. The largest chip at about 4 O'clock is the Intel 8088 4MHz 16bit processor. At 7 O'clock are two columns of eight chips this is 128Kbyte RAM.

At the bottom right it says SIRIUS SYSTEMS TECH INC, but on the outside there is a label on the underside saying VICTOR TECHNOLOGIES INC.

Most of the wiring is horizontal, just a little is vertical.


Rear of mother board. There is quite a bit of both vertical and horizontal wiring. A work of art.


At the top is the rear panel and below the power supply and extracting air from base unit.


Floppy disk drive controller.


Power Supply. On the mother board there are connections for +5V -5V +12V -12V and +12VV, hence the complicated power supply.


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