apple][ plus

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2013.14 Mnfctr: Apple Computer, inc Date: 1979 Ser. No: 1A2S2--502873 Model: 502873
Comp: Personal Computer Width: 120mm Depth: 455mm Height: 340mm Weight: 16.5Kg

This "Apple ][ plus" computer dates from 1979 but the original Apple II dated from 1977. The Apple II computer was being marketed up to 1993, that is 16 years. Mainframe computers only lasted 10 years, a new one being installed every 5 years.

In 1979 when this Apple ][ PC arrived, Newcastle University was operating an IBM 370/168 that was installed in 1975.


Rear view. Viewed fullsize, at the bottom left there are three sockets labelled VIDEO OUT CASSETTE OUT and IN.


Removing the two disk drives and the lid reveals the inside.


This is the base unit taken to bits. Each bit is separately displayed and described.


This is the mother board. The big chip on the right is the 8bit 2MHz 6502 CPU. The six big chips to the left of it is ROM (Read Only Memory). The 24 chips to the left of them inside the white box is the 48Kbyte of RAM (Random Access Memory).

The wiring was vertical on the front.


The rear of the mother board. The wiring here is horizontal.


The LANGUAGE CARD includes 16Kbyte more RAM making the total 64Kbyte. There was also an additional ROM chip.


its rear.


Keyboard front


and rear.


Power supply front and



and rear.

Finally the casing.


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