I have always picked up litter and for the last 51 years always had a dog (or a bitch). That welsh collie is Bobby my latest dog. Since I retired in 2002 (11 years ago), a routine has been established: the first walk is after I have showered, before breakfast, we go to the Little Waters lake pick any litter at the car park and return via The Three Cundies (a cundy is a covered water course and three water courses join here each connected to the other), and The Six Mile Bridge on The Great North Road, it takes about twenty minutes.

The second walk after lunch is longer, about forty minutes and will range over footpaths or bridle ways I haven't recently visited.

I have returned from such a forty minute walk in the photo above the litter bag in my left hand is the unsorted today's litter, on my right the last weeks litter for recycling. On my left is the litter for landfill. So I fill a 140 litre wheely bin every week.

That is not all the walks Bobby has, Marge takes him for a walk after breakfast. I cycle the mile round trip to the Co-operative Shop, he runs in front. I take him for a short walk at dusk and Marge takes him last thing at night. Every week we will have a day long walk in Durham or Northumberland.

I was born on Friday 31st May 1940 in the back bedroom at 37 Warley Road, Hayes, Middlesex, telephone number HAY 1603, but I have forgotten our Co-operative dividend number. I was born at home because at the same time The British Expeditionary Force was being evacuated from the beaches near Dunkirk and hospital beds were in short supply.