Paper Tape Splicer.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2003.25 Mnfctr: PCA Data Processing Accessories Date: ? Ser. No: - Model: -
Comp: Splicing Block Width: 342 mm Depth: 126 mm Height: 26 mm Weight: 342 g

Paper Tape Splicer

Though the paper tape was read at over 2.5metre/second
it was often wound up at an even faster speed,
and sometimes it got torn, then it needed repairing.
The two broken ends were laid on the bed of a splicer block that had four pins,
two for each bit of tape,
to engage with spocket holes to position the two pieces of tape.
A piece of sticky tape covered the tear,
then a manual operated punch reperforated the data holes in the tape.

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