Printer Hammer Bank

Hammer Bank.

All of the line printers, be they slow or fast, had a bank of hammers.

One hammer for each character position on a row of print output.

This is a hammer bank from a "Model 2410 UL LINE/PRINTER"
made for "Customer: DEC" on "DATE 7-13-73"
we know this because in the rear of the hammer bank
Therein was "Hammer Bank Assy. No. 231030-1 Serial No. 2418-B"

Provenance like this is rare for computing artifacts

Printer Hammer Bank.

This is a close-up of the hammers.
Actuators are alternately above and below
because they were wider than a print position.

I have no idea of the difference between the white, blue, and grey actuators.
Anybody who knows, please tell me at

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2004.13 Mnfctr: Data Products Corp Date: 13.7.1973 Assy No: 231030-1f serial No: 2418-B
Comp: Hammer Bank Width: 440 mm Height: 221 mm Thickness: 84 mm Weight: 8.1 g

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