Printer DRUM

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2015.2 Mnfctr: Unknown Date: circa 1970 Part No: - Serial No: -
Comp: Printer Drum Width: - Length: 466 mm Diameter: 119 mm Weight: 11 Kg

Printer Drum.

This is a high speed printer drum. There are 96 rows of identical characters around the drum,
26 upper case letters, 26 lower case letters, 10 digits and 74 special characters.
Each row had 136 characters spaced at 10 characters per inch.

The characters around the drum are:-
+' -./PQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^__@
Why they are in that order:-
15 capitals, 11 lower case, 6 specials, 15 lower case, 10 digits, 22 special, 11 capitals, 6 special
I know not why. And would be delighted to hear from anyone.

Printer drum.

This is the end view of the drum. There is a gap in the outer layer which I guess is an index point
that was sensed by the electronic detector as to where the drum was in its rotation.

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