Continuous Listing

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2003.11 Mnfctr: Newcastle University Date: 18 NOV 1969 Ser. No: - Model: -
Comp: Computer Printout 646pp Width: 287 mm Depth: 418 mm Height: 57mm Weight: 3715 g

Continuos Listing open.

This is a piece of continuous listing. It is a very long strip of paper fan folded into pages,
each page was 15 5/16" wide and 11" deep.
The printed characters were at 10 characters per inch, and 6 lines per inch.

Continuos Listing closed.

This is the continuos listing in its folder closed. It is all a bit friable, so we have to handle it carefully.

This is printed on what was called lineflow paper where alternate lines were printed with 6 faint lines.
This helped to 'line-up' some printing on the left hand side of the page
with something on the right when there was nothing inbetween.

Close up.

The quality of the print was not that good because of the method of printing.
The paper was between a hammer bank
an inked ribbon and
a metal band/train/chain of print characters that was spinning at over 5 meters per second.

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