Printer Train

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2004.22 Mnfctr: ibm Date: 1982 Ser. No: various Model: -
Comp: Printer Slugs Width: 125 mm Depth: 60 mm Height: 160 mm Weight: 188 g

Printer Slugs.

This is the package of spare printer slugs. It says on the package that it was a

It contained just 16 of the complete set of slugs,
the 16 are arranged to show how the train wrapped around a toothed wheel,
that drove them across the hammer bank.

Printer Train.

These are the type slugs of the print train used in the IBM 1403-N1 printer.
Each had 3 embossed characters, behind which were 6 teeth that engaged with
a drive gear on the right hand side and an idler on the left.
Behind the embossed character flange was another plain flange, the two of them straddled a rail,
hence the name print train.

There were 80 type slugs. This was the fastest line printer, capable of 1100 lines per minute.
That is 2.2 lines per second, and on each line could be 132 characters,
which means just over 290 hammer blows per second.

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