Selectric Type Writer Print Head

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2003.66 Mnfctr: IBM Date: 1967 Assy No: - serial No: -
Comp: Print Element Length: 113 mm Width: 89 mm Height: 83 mm Weight: 368 g
Print Element.

This is NOT part of a high speed line printer but the Print Element of an
IBM 1052 Operators Console. This printed at 14.8 characters per second whereas
a high speed line printer could print 2200 characters per second.

This is the front view of the print element that rotated to hit a character
onto an inked ribbon in front of a fanfolded listing paper to print a character.

Print element.

This is the side view of the print element. Note at the bottom is a large "D" shaped hole.
Through there a "D" shaped rod that the print element was contrained to move side to side.

Print element.

This is a top view, a lever on the top at 9 O'clock could be raised when the golf ball
could be removed and a different golf ball with a different font mounted.

One that we have is the APL character set.

Print element.

This is the underside. It is quite amazing how complicated these computing artifacts are,
how much they cost to design, manufacter, assemble, advertise, sell.

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