5.25inch Floppy Disk.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2010.41 Mnfctr: Dysan Date: 1983 Ser. No: - Model: 104/2D
Comp: Floppy Disk Width: 133 mm Depth: 133 mm Height: 1 mm Weight: 12 g

The disk in its protective envelope.

A large central hole for the drive spindle and a long aperture for the read/write head.
At 4Oclock is a small hole through which the index hole in the disk could be sensed.
The two have been aligned in this photograph.
The disk is "Two Sided Double Density, Soft Sectored 48 TPI" (Tracks per Inch).
It is labelled "GX10 EPSON, WORDSTAR MASTER, TRANSFER, HOST, 9/5/83."
WordStar was a word processor application.

Here is the rear view. The notch on the top left has been covered making the disk READ ONLY.

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