Litton Memory Products Core Storage

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2002.9 Mnfctr: Litton Products Date: 1974 Ser. No: 04870 Part No: 38540
Comp: Core Storage Width: 265 mm Depth: 227 mm Height: 22 mm Weight: 374 g

Whole board

This core storage was made in 1974 by Litton Products Memory Division in Singapore.
On the rear it has written "8K X 19 BIT 3W - 3D 18MIL PLANAR MEMORY". That is 155,648 cores.
It was used in a DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION PDP11 computer.

Core mats

This a a closer view of the core mats.
You can see the horizontal and verticle drive wires and the third wire is fed in from the right.
The bottom two rows are in fact 4 core planes.


This is a close-up of the left end of the core mats. The vertical height shown is in reality 30mm.
The areal density is 950 cores per square centimetre.

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