4-wire Core Storage Memory

This is an interesting piece of core storage because 4 wires thread each core.
It is a buffer from a high speed line printer. (1000 lines per minute, 17 lines per second.)
There were 132 characters per line.
See elsewhere for how a high speed line printer worked.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2002.7 Mnfctr: IBM Date: 7.3.1969 Part No: 2178010 EC Level: EC414217
Comp: Printer Buffer Width: 175 mm Depth: 11 mm Height: 77 mm Weight: 70 g

This is the front of the module with 8 core mats in two rows of 4.
Each core mat is 12 x 12, 144 cores. (There is a close up later.)

This is the rear view.
The printed circuitry on the front and rear of the card wrap
12 horizontal wires through two rows
and 12 vertical wires through the 4 columns.

This is a closer view of the core mats.

Here is a close-up of one 12 x 12 mat.
Here you can see the two X and Y drive lines threading each core
and two other wires threading every core in the mat.
A copper coloured one going back and forth,
and a darker wire going up and down.

So this is four wire core storage.
The sense and inhibit functions are on separate wires.
We have no documentation about this storage, just the artefact.

The spacing of the X and Y drive lines is 1 mm.
The cores are almost 1 mm diameter.

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