Bill Taebel feedback

Bill Taebel writes:

The regulators shown at the bottom of page are "series regulators", not switching.

They supplied - in general - regulated -3 volts and +1.25 volts at around 90 AMPS to the logic boards from 15V DC input.
The 15V DC input was generated from a PDU (Power Dist Unit), which converted 400 Hz 3 phase AC
from a remote motor generator to DC via water cooled rectifier packs and transformers.

The circuit cards on the regulator set the voltage and overcurrent levels and controlled regulator turn on from the power control logic.

You have a nice site there. As a customer engineer, I serviced 360 Model 85, and 370 Models 165 and 168 systems in the US.

Bill Taebel - IBM retired (after 40 years with IBM) and (back in the day) a System 3033 Field Engineering Support Instructor.