Amdahl 5860 Power Supply

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2010.53 Mnfctr: acdc electronics Date: 1983 Serial number:ACE01523 -
Comp: Power Supply Height: 370 mm Width: 253 mm Depth: 405 mm Weight: 50Kg

Power Supply

One of the six power supplies supplying the Amdahl CPU with DC electricity. It weighs 49.6Kg. I have not opened it to look inside but it must contain a beefy transformer. The output was from thick cables bolted to the two big lugs on the top.

End view, the

is not overstated.

The input was 208VAC at 12AMPS, 400Hz. It came from a Rotary Convertor which was a large 3 phase electric motor powered by mains electricity, 240V 50Hz 3 phase, that turned an axle on which was mounted a generator creating the 3 phase 400Hz supply. This arrangement filtered out all blips and glitches in the mains supply to the Rotary Convertor. It could even provide power through a sub-second blackout by the rotary inertia of the machine.

The output was 5.2/3.6/2v DC at 420AMP. It must have been just one of these voltages because there is only one output.