MC6800L monolithic microprocessor

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2010.50 Mnfctr: MOTOROLA Date: 1984 No serial number -
Comp: Processor chip Length: 50 mm Width: 15 mm Depth: 7 mm Weight: 4 g

Unlike the previous VLSI microprocessor we know quite a lot about this one because we found the 32 page DATA SHEET for it on the WEB at


The 40 pin ceramic package containing the silicon chip is 50mm long and weighs just 4 gram. The actual chip is just 8 x 6 mm, exposed when I unsoldered the cover protecting it.

It is a complete CPU just like the AMDAHL stack which weighs about 100,000 gram, (I have not been able to weigh it, it is so heavy, it needs two people to lift it.) albiet there were differences:
The MC6800L had an 8 bit data path, the AMDAHL 64bit (72 with parity bits)
The MC6800L a 1MHz clock with a crude instruction set, the AMDAHL 40MHz with a rich set.
The MC6800L used 0.5VA, the AMDAHL used 27,000VA needing massive air-conditioning.

VLSI chip

The MC6800L microprocessor used 16bit to address 64KBytes, this included the I/O devices. It had three 16bit registers, three 8bit registers and a 72 instruction set that did not include multiply or divide.

This really is the beginning of the end of the mainframe computer.

You can click on the image to go to Fullsize and speculate what the various areas of the chip supported.