IBM System 360 Circuitry

IBM System 360 circuitry in 1967 used Solid Logic Technology (SLT).
SLT used half-inch ceramic squares on which circuits were printed that connected
minute (see later) transistors, diodes, and resistors, all protected by an
aluminium cover. These multipronged square units were soldered on to printed
circuit cards, that in turn plugged in to back panels.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2005.78 Mnfctr: IBM Date: 1967 Ser. No: - Model: 6121927
Comp: Plug in board Length: 85 mm Width: 76 mm Depth: 11 mm Weight: 51 g

Front view Plug in card front view.

Rear view Plug in card rear view.

Close up view Plug in card close up view.

Front view Close up.

Rear view Transistor.

Front view Transistor close up view.

360 CPU Panels 360 CPU panels.

360 CPU panel 360 CPU panel.

DAT panel DAT panel.

Core Storage Box RAM power panel.

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