Western Digital Disk Drive.

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Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2004.39 Mnfctr: Western Digital Date: 09 JAN 2000 Ser. No: WM678 084 2153 Model: WD Caviar 136AA
Comp: Disk Drive Length: 146 mm Width: 101 mm Depth: 25 mm Weight: 457 g

The developement of disk storage since 1984 has been phenomenal, and this web page touches on just a few
aspects relating to some of the artifacts in the collection.

There is much more not in the collection and there is much more by way of explanation.

I cannot emphasise how interesting and informative I found SCOTT MUELLER'S UPGRADING AND REPAIRING PCs.

The geometry of this disk drive is a rotary voice coil actuator the same as the Jujitsu drive in 1985, 15 years earlier.

One big difference is that there is only one voice coil winding and one magnet.

And this magnet is something again. Take the drive apart, break out the magnet, and be careful!
The magnet and its keeper can trap your skin. This is another aspect of disk drive development
the development of magnetic materials

That is a reflection of me in the disk surface taking the photograph.

A closeup of a head.,

The four arms and two platters is the most common configuration these days. (2008)

Closeup shows 4 conductors per head. Why?

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