iPod Disk.

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Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2015.33 Mnfctr: TOSHIBA Date: 2007 MODEL MK1626GCB S/N 4595411BW
Comp: Disk Drive LENGTH: 71 mm WIDTH: 54 mm DEPTH: 8 mm Weight: 56g

Toshiba Corporation designed this disk for mobile devices such as: video camera: music player;
notebook PCs.

Apple Inc used the disk in its iPod mobile music player listened to by people using earphones.

It stored 160GByte, weighed 56gram, making it 0.00035gram/MByte the least in the collection.
The maximum areal density is 228,000Mbit/sq inch, which is the highest in the collection.

The front. Note the Apple Inc logo bottom left, it was made for Apple by Toshiba.

The rear.

The edge connector. It looks like 18 conductors.

Removing four tiny screws and a longer one that from the armature axle, allowed the lid to be opened.

Levering the magnet off exposed the Voice Coil. Normally in a disk drive there are two
magnets, one over, one under, but this disk drive only had room for one in its 8mm thickness.

There are two disk platters and four heads. Here they are parked off the disk surface.

The performance was quite acceptable, transfer rate 52MB/sec, speed 3600rpm,
average seek time 15msec.

All in all, a quite remarkable piece of disk drive technology.

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