Toshiba Type II PC Card.

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In 1989 the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) industry organisation
was setup to agree a standard to integrate some kind of memory card into early portable devices
e.g. palm tops, video cameras, digital cameras. Floppy drives and disk drives were too big.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2015.30 Mnfctr: TOSHIBA CORPERATION Date: 2002 MODEL MK5002MPL S/N 81210622T
Comp: Disk Drive LENGTH: 85.1 mm WIDTH: 53.2 mm HEIGHT: 4.8 mm Weight: 50 g

This PC Card PCMCIA manufactured
by TOSHIBA could store 5GByte.

It was credit card size, albiet
thicker, and weighed just 50grams.

This is the rear.

The removal of just four tiny
screws and the top can be removed.

The heads are parked off the platter,
which is 1.8" diameter.

Levering the magnet off exposes the voice coil. Normally voice coils have a magnet above and below,
but here there is only one.

The platters spun at 3990rpm.

The data transfer rate was 66.7MBit/sec.

The seek time was 15 msec(average).

On the end is a 68 pin socket that plugged into the mobile device, it was a parallel,
not a serial device.

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