An Interesting Voice Coil Disk Drive


This is included for its unusual voice coil.

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2007.10 Mnfctr: HITACHI Date: 1989 Serial No: NONE MODEL No: DK515C
Comp: Disk Pack LENGTH: 216 mm WIDTH: 149 mm HEIGHT: 85 mm Weight: 3.0 Kg

It has 8 disk platters, 164 mm diameter, and 14/1 heads/servo.

This is the interesting voice coil, it is the windings at the left end of the head arms.
They are in the vertical plane between two white vertical curved magnets.
Normally voice coils are in the horizontal plane between horizontal flat magnets.

This is the electronics on the underside.

This is a head which in the fullsize image you can see the copper winding.

30th December 2009 - Thanks to Tom Gardner we now know this is a HITACHI DK515C disk drive.
He even provided a product guide so we know a lot more about it including its capacity: 661MBytes.