IBM 3330-II Disk Head.

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Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2004.27 Mnfctr: IBM Date: 1973 Ser. No: - Model: -
Comp: Disk Read/Write head. Length: 127mm Width: 20.5mm Depth: 17mm Weight: 19g

3330-II disk head

The 3330-II disk drive was very similar to the 3330-I
except that it almost doubled the track density from 8 to 15 tracks/mm

3330-II disk head

The disk heads were similar, as were the disk packs, but they were different,
you could not mount a 3330-I disk on a 3330-II drive and visa versa, it was mechanically impossible.

3330-II disk head

This is the cardboard storage container.

The labelling on it is interesting:

   MODEL II                   MODEL I
[] P/N 2 345 270 A UP      [] P/N 2 275 135 A UP
[] P/N 2 345 271 A DOWN    [] P/N 2 275 136 A DOWN
[] P/N 2 345 272 B UP      [] P/N 2 275 137 B UP
[] P/N 2 345 273 B DOWN    [] P/N 2 275 138 B DOWN
[] P/N 2 345 289 SERVO     [] P/N 2 275 177 SERVO

Suggesting there is three sorts of heads A & B & SERVO and the A & B heads come in two flavours UP & DOWN.

Anyone who can shed light on these distinctions is encouraged to say.
Obviously the servo head was read only.

3330-II disk pack

This a 3330-II disk pack in its storage container.

The label reads

On the top was a label:

Date: 25 NOV 1982
Tel: DRONFIELD 0246 410375
ST370 190D 11.

This label resulted from the practice of cleaning the disk packs.
Every few months a service person from SERVO COMPUTER SERVICES would arrive
and set up a cleaning drive.
On this drive a pack would be mounted and the cover removed.
The service person would wrap a lint free cloth around a plastic spatular,
soak it in a solvent and gently wipe each disk surface. The cloth entered white and exited tinted red.
The heads on the disk drives were similarly cleaned by the IBM CEs.

3330-II disk pack top

This is the top of the disk pack with the cover removed. The label reads: IBM CE PACK MOD II

3330-II disk pack bottom

A view of the bottom of the disk pack.

3330-II disk pack

An edge view with the cover off.

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