Magnetic Tape Drive

Mus.Cat. NEWUC:2010.10 Mnfctr: IBM Date: 1975 No: Model 3420-5
Comp: Tape Drive Height: 1700 mm Width: 760 mm Depth: 750 mm Weight: 370 kg

tape drive

Front view of Tape Drive
Height: 1.7m
Width: 760mm
Depth: 750mm
Weight: 370Kg
Data Rate: 200KB/sec
Tape Speed: 10 ft/sec
Interblock Gap: 0.6" (15mm)
Rewind Time: 60sec


This is the control panel on the top of the tape drive.

side view

Side view.
The two printed circuit boards
look like parts of power supplies.

rear gate open

Rear view with electronics gate half open.

close up

Closeup of rear view showing air pipework.


Vacuum columns door open showing tape loops in columns.


Perforated capstan wheel (and its image) and read/write head (behind yellow crimp).