1992 end of Amdahl 5860 mainframe.

We still had racks of 2400ft magnetic tape reels but no tape drives to read them.

In the middle is Unix timesharing machines. At the back is the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

eata timesharing machine is the middle box.

carr1 and carr2.

burn and dene HP unix application servers. These are the sort of thing that took
over from the mainframe.

On the left is an RM NIMBUS PC displaying the status of the NUNET network.
On the right is a dumb terminal that was the operator's console.

This is the Amdahl console used by the engineers to configure and monitor the hardware.
On it are the tools used to take the Amdahl to bits, including a bolt cutter!

This is some of the bits of the Amdahl taken apart and awaiting being craned out.

A view from the other end.

And the six magnetic tape drives

All those CAUTION notices are about the weight of each piece.
They are power supplies weighing in at 50Kgram.