LabTrip06 - Another delightful day in the Lakes

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11:00 Under way, gently uphill through long wet grass just 1k from Caldbeck.
That is Mike Elphick, Chris Ritson, Jim Eve, and Janice Coulson.

11:40 stop for elevenses at Little Fellside.

12:17 Just after Fellside proper, where Denis & Co of B Walk peeled off.
We are walking into Dale Beck on an old miner's track.

We got well strung out. Elizabeth ahead with her two walking poles setting a good pace,
and John Lloyd and Ann Taylor also with poles not far behind.
The rest are ambling along nattering poleless.

13:16 At last a lunch stop at the head of the valley.
The peak there is called Peteraw, I know not why.
There was a good breeze, but a hot sun and blue sky, ideal walking conditions.

13:18 Elizabeth was on good form, not only cheating with walking sticks,
but also with a GPS navigator! See later.

13:35 After lunch we entered Roughton Gill. The West side looked impassable,
so we crossed to the east side up a very loose bit of rock, dangerously so.
I nearly got hit by a big rock! I had to dodge it.

13:35 This is the view up the gill. We are going up the left side.
The water cascades down a series of waterfalls. The trees are Rowan covered in berries.

13:38 This seemed like walking on the level after the steep bit before ...

... and the next steep bit. It was scrambling, four points of contact
two hands, two feet, just move one at a time, carefully. Fortunately it was not as loose.

Looking back we could see where we had come..

13:53 Elizabeth is deciding on our route.

14:11 We are not walking on a path but a steep slope. It is OK,
it is heather and grass, good grippy footing. That is Mila Romanovsky following us,
the rest in the distance are heading uphill to the top.

14:19 Most of the "A walk" have reached the point labelled Pile of Stones on the OS map
Chris Ritson is handing out HumBug sweets..

14:22 Ann Taylor is still struggling up the slope with her sticks.

At the same time Margaret Eve is climbing up a different way, but just as steep,
and John Lloyd is bringing up the rear. He stayed back to help any who needed help.
I should have been there, shame on me, good for John, thanks from all of us.

14:26 Mila is getting a shoulder massage from Sasha, her husband.
Unix has still got her tennis ball from Little Fellside.

14:27 This is a picture of Elizabeth with her GPS Navigator, John, and the Coulsons.

We are at the point where we could go to Carrick Fell at 15:10.
we decided not to go, not enough time.

Nigel, Margaret, Ann, Elizabeth, and Mike.

15:21 Walking up to High Pike, 468m, is Rahul & Anjali. Behind them is Blencathra.
Last year's LabTrip05 walk was to Blencathra.

Most of us are up, eating sandwiches, fruit, salad, ...

15:25 Elizabeth, Jean, and Christine Davies have the seat,
Unix is on the scrounge for food.

Margie with Unix and Carrick Fell beyond.

16:09 Going down, Caldbeck in the distance.

16:58 Sasha and Mila, behind them Caldbeck Fell and High Pike, where we came from.

This is the notice board at the Howk. I include so that those that did not make the detour
to see it, because they went straight to the pub for a pint, can see what they missed.

This is the middle of Calbeck.

Just a few photographs inside The Oddfellows Arms ...


It was a good day out. We were remarkably lucky with the weather,
the previous saturday it rained all day.

There was 33 people on the walk, (30 on the coach),
17 were currently employed (8), or retired (9), members of computing
16 were relatives/friends.