1994 Newcastle upon Tyne University Computing Service

This is a snapshot of the university computing services in 1994.


On the 4th October 1992 the last mainframe computer, the Amdahl 5860, was unceremoniously
craned out of the Sub-Basement of Claremont Tower into a scrapmetal dealer's wagons.
It was about 28 crane lifts.

Here are some documents relating to this time.

For several years before that, other computing facilities were being developed
to replace the mainframe service which was the MTS interactive system.

These replacement facilities were a combination of mini and micro and personal computers.
Whereas with the mainframe everything was done on it:
email, wordprocessing, spreadsheets, web browsing. ...
the replacement services were provided by individual computers.
If the individual computers were overloaded they were replicated to share the load.

So here we are with a 1994 snapshot of the computing service.
It is presented in subsections where you can browse and return to this index page.

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application servers Application servers downloaded software to unix computers that users were using.

townend.ncl.ac.uk There were several Unix file servers.

eata.ncl.ac.uk There was three Unix timesharing machines that were remotely logged in to.

federation.ncl.ac.uk The Federation was a group of file servers.

burnmoor.ncl.ac.uk Background service machines.

Local area Network The LAN (Local Area Network) connected to
the WAN (Wide Area Network)
and thus to the Internet.

WAN The Wide Area Network.

consoles The Machine Room.